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SoCal to BayArea02 Final posting

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After missing the last 4 years, I am going to make it to the Swap & Show

Need to start the dialogue on caravan plans to the BayArea02 show from Southern California. I will be leaving from Santa Barbara sometime after lunch on Friday 5/20.(would like to get to the Bay Area before dark) I would be happy to arrange a gathering point here for those coming from South of here, and then we could all head up 101 together.

Are you thinking about going? Do we need to arrange Bay Area housing, share hotel rooms, etc? I have some leads on discount stays in Intercontinental Hotel Group hotels (Holiday Inn, HI express, Staybridge Suites, etc)

Let the planning start NOW....Email or post here.

Caravans are the best part.......


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Call me when you get up here and lets grab dinner.

We can have some appetizers and drinks at my place!

Lets do it.

All we did on the ride home was talk about how good the food is at Habana Cuba. Great place with even better hospitality. A big thanks Daniel. We're huge foodies and that was a great meal. My son wants to eat there so he can try the yucca.

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assuming i can take care of this cooling system issue, i am pretty sure i can make the trip. i have a lot of vacation days to burn and a lot of people to visit up in the bay area. i may not be able to make the caravan, but i would like to meet you guys as many of you have been very helpful---and i have a lot to learn. fyi: i live/work in rancho cucamonga



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Since I'm on the other side of the pond, this will be the first time I've missed the Bay area 02 swap and show since 2004. I made it last years show, here's the pic to prove it. That's me in standing next to my sahara tii in the black jacket and green shirt, maybe I should charge a royalty fee...


I'm sure if you go up with Steve, he'll take you up River Road (Monterey County wine trail) or SH 25 for an alternative to the 101. Google Monterey County wine trail to learn more. Great road to take on the way home as well. The wine isn't too bad either.


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