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Headliner that attaches to sunroof question


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Guys... I've tried searching the site for some answers on this but am having trouble finding what I am looking for. The sunroof would not open (due to the headliner on the sunroof hanging up). I was able to slide the headliner portion back into the recess by unhooking the clips in the front where it attaches to the sunroof panel. I'd like to try and remove just the headliner and see why it is jamming up but I can't seem to get the headliner out of the opening. I can slide it front and back but how would I remove the liner and leave the sunroof panel attached and intact? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks Mark.

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Best way is to remove the sunroof panel. Wind the roof forward, remove the phillips screws, remove the rear hex bolts attached to the roof, slide retaining clip towards inside, lift out panel.

To remove the headliner, remove the front and side cable guides. The side rails should be able to lift so the headliner can be removed. You can try leaving the sunroof panel in the car, yet it severely restricts the ability to remove the headliner without bending its metal frame.

Andrew Wilson
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Yeah, don't try to man-handle it out of there. (as I did back in the pre-internet days).

Watch out for the grease on the cables. When they get free they will make a bee-line to anything white, like the headliner.

Clean everything up and relube it before going back together.

Steve J

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