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How to find out which dealership sold your 02?


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I don't think there is an easy way to do that, unfortunately. I'm under the impression that the Hoffman records are either long gone or have been transferred to a location where it is not feasible for BMW to go look for details (I imagine that requests from us would be super low on their priority list...)

If you know where your car lived when new, you can probably assume it was sold at the nearest dealership - but not always.

I have the original window sticker and the trade in docs for my car that show it was bought new in 1973 from Highland BMW in Austin, Texas. The address is now occupied by Subaru of Austin - and their website even mentions that they once sold BMWs.

I would love to get a rear sticker or license plate frame from them! Anyone happen to have one?!?!

1973 BMW 2002 Sahara

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Unless the car has been in your family, you have the Service manual still with your owner's handbook or purchase records, there is no really good way to know--unless you live in BFE and you know your car has spent it's entire existence in BFE--your car probably came from the only dealer around, not just the closest!

Per my service book, my 71 1600 was sold new on 8/3/71 by H.A. Boyd, Inc in Lebanon, PA. The initial inspection and 600 mile service stamp indicates that they were (and still are) primarily a VW dealer. http://www.haboydvw.com/

The 4000 (12/15/71) and 8000 (6/20/73) mile services were performed by Barr Motors, Inc. in Wiliamsport, PA - not sure if these guys are still around, but would LOVE dealer frames for either.

I have no stamps past this date but know it was serviced at Cumberland Valley Motors in Mechanicsburg, PA from 88-99 while the car was in owner Ed Ullom's collection.


--> 1968 2002 <--

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you can only find that out if it's a late model 1975,

or model 1976. (Hoffman change over to BMWNA)

You must contact a dealer to run what's called

a "DCS" by your VIN number -

which will say ~ Dealer who sold the car, production date,

selling date, dealer address, paint and interior color.

That is all the "DCS" will tell you.

only those cars are in the BMW data base-

anything before and you must rely on the papers

that were passed along in the glove box like bill of sale, window

sticker, dealer stamps in the service booklet.



p.s. - if anyone can prove ownership of the above car,

I'll will mail the 2 documents to you.

'86 R65 650cc #6128390 22,000m
'64 R27 250cc #383851 18,000m
'11 FORD Transit #T058971 28,000m "Truckette"
'13 500 ABARTH #DT600282 6,666m "TAZIO"

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Was it a rumor? Hoffmans records burned in a fire and were lost. I would love to know the history of my 73. I got all excited about that Smog test site but my 73 came up with No records. So was it in a county that had no tests - or non oped ? Weird I still have the original plates on it.

Here is an old post with listed Ca dealers


There used to be a BMW dealer here in our small town back in the 70s

and found a license plate frame from it, Chico BMW. Asked around for years and got little info. One day I am at the Gas station and see A De Soto Firedome. Turns out the guy used to detail the cars for the dealer. He said the star salesman was named Chaz and had a white Fro ( early 70's) His big sales pitch was to turn the wheel at high speeds to show how well they handled. Well after the 4th car that he rolled he was fired.

Joseph O'Neil

73 02 - Polaris - 2587250

67 2000 TiLux- Chamonix - 1451152

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