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I went to my local dealer (Weatherford BMW) to order a master cylinder rebuild kit......

I was told my brake master cylinder never existed on a BMW, let alone my Oct. '65 1600.

I showed him the photo, Fig 10:19 pg 104 of BMW 1600 1966-70 Autobook.

He looked in all his very worn parts books. He showed me a ton of pictures of BMW BMCs, none were the same as what I have.

He said that according to all his resources, the BMC for my car has a stop switch mounted at a 45 degree off the bottom.

There is one cylinder that is said to fit my car matching that description in Germany for $400.

Of course, special orders are not returnable.

RealOEM does not list the BMC that I have either.

Attached are photos.

It has 3 brake line connections, all at the front end of the cylinder: one at the forward top (12 o'clock), one at about two o'clock, and one at six o'clock (this port has 2 brass extensions attached).

The reservoir feed attaches at the top of the back third using a rubber grommet (press fit).

There are a pair of numbers cast into the cylinder body on the fender side; number 11 is toward the front and number 17 is toward the rear.

There is a blue tag attached at the rear that reads,

"Ate AnschuB mit Spezial-Bodenventill".

The stop light switch is mounted on the front, in parallel with the cylinder.

I'm looking for BMC part number and rebuild kit part number.

And.....if anyone knows availability.






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Thanks for sharing.

I hope to have my "under-the-hood" that clean soon.


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Thanks Karl.

I'm going to go with Carl Nelson in San Diego.....

Hopefully it's rebuildable and not too coroded.


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