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Parcel Shelf Mounting and dimensions


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I thought that I had a parcel shelf somewhere. Now that it's time to start putting the car together, it seems to have disappeared.

I've got a fully equipped woodworking shop and have some ideas for parcel shelf customization, so no big deal to just build my own. Except that I can't remember how it mounts, and a long look through realoem or the paper parts book came up with nothing found.

So, 1. how is the parcel shelf held in place?

2. Regarding dimensions of the parcel shelf, I have made a pattern from 1/4" baltic birch plywood that fits when sitting flat on the metal bodywork directly under the parcel shelf. It extends under the rear window gasket and makes contact with the body there. On the font edge, I assumed that it needs to not interfere with the seat back, so it's slightly aft of the imaginary line that represents the upward extension of the angled vertical surface of the rear bulkhead. The covering material will wrap around it and be secured on the underside, so the overall dimensions on all sides have to also take the thickness of that material into consideration. Is this all correct ? (hope the long description makes sense)

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Guest Anonymous

it is held in place by 2 plastic clips that fit into holes in the sheet metal - similar to the ones that hold the door panels on. They don't matter much - you could just set it in place and it would stay there.

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Mine is held in by gravity and the centrifugal force of sweeping turns (especially route KY22, right ya'll). To prevent slippage towards the front of the car during rapid slowing for turns, I installed the rear seat which holds it in place nicely.


"Common sense isn't common"

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I made this one in my cabinet shop just about exactly as you propose to do yours. I used 1/8" ABS (will never rot, warp or change in any way), a layer of sound deadener and some BMW tan vinyl. Mine just sits in there, though I do have two rear shoulder belt mechanisms that hold it in place. I think you don't need an fasteners as it sits in there very nicely all by itself. I have a bit more of the vinyl if you need it.



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