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Transmission alignment question + Clutch issue Plz HLP!


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Hi Faqers

So the clutch was destroyed the other day while driving it looks like.


Now the new clutch is in, but the question is, when we are trying to put back the tranny (4spd) , we noticed that the tranny is a bit to the left of the tunnel once bolted on and flush with the motor.


I looked at both motor mounts and they seem to be in good shape and they are 2 years old anyways. I just want to double check that this will be OK and I do not need to look for anything else. The square motor mount is the poly one from IE


and the round one seems to be stock.


Tranny mount is a few months old and in good shape. What I also noticed is there is more shifter play: it moves further than normal to the left as in the left side of second gear kind of play???

Can someone chime in please? Car is on the lift waiting sadly to be driven..



70Bristol02 E36M3 E34535im

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1600 or 2002? Your left motor mount looks like one for a 1600 which normally has a metal cap that fits over it (and probably lessens movement). The L mount for a 2002 is totally different. And I wouldn't recommend mixing poly and rubber motor mounts--others will probably chime in on this.

sorry its an early 02. I was told we needed the one on the left to clear the sidedrafts/booster..

70Bristol02 E36M3 E34535im

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no, you do not need the round left mount for sidedrafts. stock one works fine.

correct, should not mix rubber and urethane in engine and tranny mounts. all three should be the same material. together they mount the engine. if any one of them is different then the others, it absorbs vibration differently causing one or more of them potentially fail. go all rubber or all urethane.


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