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FS: 13" Kadett "Rallye" Wheels - Vintage Deli


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Steel 5”x13” Opel Kadett Rallye wheels - Perfect fit and a period match for a 2002/1600. These are the earlier version, not the later GT wheel that had 4 clips riveted on to hold a huge centercap. These are the real deal. For an example of what these look like on a 2002, take a look at my Nevada 1600 down below wearing another set that I refinished a few years ago. I've also recently spent $80 getting these wheels checked out before putting them up for sale to ensure that I'm selling a quality used set of wheels. Buy with confidence.

$375 +FedEx Shipping Wheels are boxed and ready to ship, or I can hold and deliver to The Vintage in Winston Salem in May

Email for more information or to make purchase arrangements = mobiletradition | G M A I L

Full Photoablum: http://tinyurl.com/4k4mljz

Wheel Specs and Other Info:

--Manufacturer: Lemmerz (Also an Original wheel supplier to BMW)

--Production Date: 2/1969 (Matched Set)

--Size: 5”x13”

--Weight: 12.75lbs

--Offset: 28mm

--Finish: Two are poor respray over original silver, two appear to be original finish

--Condition: All four wheels have been inspected by a professional wheel shop and are true. Minor straightening and/or small lip imperfections were fixed. ($80 Expense, see receipt)

--Recommended Tire Size: 185/70/13

--Centercap: Use nothing like Opel intended or Euro E30 caps secured with lugnuts (36 13 1 113 132)

--Lugnuts: Must use alloy style lugnuts to retain E30 center cap above (36 13 1 113 132)






--> 1968 2002 <--

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Hello Eastsidebimmer,


I think we were in contact awhile ago but cannot find the reference.  I have the Opel wheels and just bought the E30 wheel caps.  But I bought the zinc chrome lug nuts for steel wheels.  I thought I read somewhere that I had to buy the correct lugs for the steel wheels.  BUT the lug nuts don't sit exactly vertical in the holes with the wheel cap set in place.  I think they would go in and tighten but probably dent the caps slightly.  Also, the wheel cap sort of sits on the wheel hole edge bumps, not on a flat surface..  Let me see if I can post a photo...  


Are mine not the correct caps?  Or I really need to buy the alloy lugs?  Will they tighten properly?  Thanks!






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These look to be the correct lugnuts and centercap.  To install, start two lugs, put the cap on, then install the other two lugs,  the taper of the lug will slightly overlap the outer edge of the centercap, center it a you tighten down and be held firmly in place once fully tightened.  I know it sounds strange, but it works and this is how the E30 steelies did it too.    I don't have my wheels mounted to a car right now but can take a photo if it helps, but it will look exactly what you posted above.


Let me know how it goes.



--> 1968 2002 <--

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Hi Ben,

Thanks so much for your reply.  I was going to try exactly what you described thinking that I would bend slightly the caps as the lug nuts tighten down.   I just had the wheels powder coated and am a bit worried that the wheel caps will "cut" into the paint as they are tightened down.  But they do look great on your car so I will give it a try.


Did your caps bend slightly where the lugs tightened?  I imagine you would carefully place them in the exact same position when reinstalling...  


Thanks!  I will let you know... Will be awhile as I am doing a complete suspension upgrade now and only get to work on the car now and then due to heavy work load...





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