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Where can I get a complete set of coolant hoses for NK1600?

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Which thermostat do you have?




Or Late '02 style?


Though most of the early style hoses are NLA from BMW I have seen a few on eBay. Others like Walloth and Nesch might have them. But you have to specify which thermostat style you will be using. Though the early one is cool and period correct for your earlier car I recommend the later one.

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Only 2 of the 5 hoses are available.

The upper radiator hose and the 2-3inch return pipe to water pump hose is available in Germany.

The 2-3inch return pip to water pumpe hose is available in San Diego.

What do you guys do when you need radiator hoses (other rubber parts) that are NLA?

I suspect making them is the next option.

Before I pull them off and measure them, I figure one of you may have already may have the dimensions at hand and can share.

Thanks in advance.

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Here's my suggestion:

Dump the old style thermostat (which is now getting hard to find) in favor of the new style inline ones (which are everywhere). What you will need is the new style water junction off the cylinder (where the thermostat is now) which you can probably get off an old '02. Then you can use the new hoses which are widely available.

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OK, just ordered a used water divider off ebay ($23 bucks delivered) and a new style thermostat.

I'm still having a brain freeze...

My current setup has 5 coolant hoses.

The "new style" hose kits only have 4 hoses.

So, what am I missing?

In the "old style", the short hose goes from the water pump to the return pipe that the heater hose connects to on the other end.

With the "new style" the short hose (1) connects the thermo to the water pump.

The upper radiator hose(2) connects to the water divider.

The lower radiator hose (3) connects to the thermostat and the water pump connects to the upper intake manifold (4).

So, it seems, that leaves an intake manifold port open as well as one end of the return pipe...along with one end of the thermostat and one side of the divider open.

I got to be missing something.

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Just take the old one down a motor factors and get them to find something suitable for you to cut up - the top old style hose only has a 90 degree bend in it.


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Thanks Tom!

I ordered the two that match my existing (the lower and the "question mark" upper.


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