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E21 Five Speed and 2002Haus Conversion Kit SOLD

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SOLD locally to a high bidder. Thank you all for your interest.

As noted in an EDIT below, Rob Torres at 2002Haus has begun production of the kits again for $495. Contact him at 805-541-2002.

For Sale:

E21 Five Speed and 2002Haus Conversion Kit

As per this feeler, there seems to be some interest in the transmission and the conversion kit, so make your offers in the next few days to my email: clay dot weiland at gmail dot com. I'll close this post when the final sale price is made. Happy Bidding!

The E21 Five Speed (Getrag 245 Overdrive)

I pulled it from a Euro E21 in Austin, TX a few years ago. The car had 120K on the odometer. I've put a few thousand on it since then.


The throwout bearing it the correct one for the 228mm clutch. I changed out the output bushing about a year ago when I swapped this transmission into my 1600. I just installed a new input seal and shift selector rod seal for good measure. I also drained the gear oil for shipping.



I'll also throw in the 8-hole guibo that went in a year ago. It was a new, German unit from BLUNT and is still in good, usable shape.


The 2002Haus Five Speed Conversion Kit



As you can see, some of the powder coating has chipped off. I could paint this up, but I didn't want to represent it as anything but was it is.

The kit was $499 when I bought it years ago, and I've put around 15K miles on the kit. Rob doesn't sell the kit anymore, unless you bring your car to his shop. He's a really nice guy and he makes really high quality parts. Everything works perfectly. The shifter is a Z3 shifter. In the "normal throw" to "super short throw" scale, this one is right in the middle. Not too much pressure to shift but it's a pretty short throw.

EDIT: Rob Torres at 2002 Haus does sell these kits again for $495 as of a month or two ago. Call him at 805-541-2002.

I also used an Ireland Engineering polyurethane transmission mount. I made spacers to adapt the M8 studs to the M10 mounting holes.




Of course, I'll include all the hardware.


I'll sell them together or separate. Send your offers to clay dot weiland at gmail dot com (or click on the "email" link) in the next few days. Shipping is the buyer's responsibility. The parts are in Washington, DC (20001)

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