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Front Signal Assembly Question


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So I took my spare 20 minutes this week to figure out the front turn signal issue.

From the pics below,I gather that each of the two wires were secured with a locking screw.

The one I need to connect is fused and broken off. The other wire is just wrapped around the post of the screw.

Has anyone had any luck digging out this screw or should I just replace the whole thing?

This is the last thing I need to do to get Pinchy inspected!


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1. Find another turn signal assy...that one looks pretty rusty/crusty.

to save a little $$...

2. Find someone of the FAQ with a turn signal that has a bad lens but a good bulb socket assy, drill out the hollow rivets and use your lens and the "new" bulb socket/bracet assy to make one good turn signal.

3. Go to local auto parts store and buy a bulb socket assy for a two filament bulb, remove your bad socket and epoxy the new one in place.

All will be easier than trying to make that rusty old thing work properly again!


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