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Hi folks! I just joined the board a few days ago, poking around, having a great read, brushing up on a few things I used to know, learning a few new things, and overall THOROUGHLY enjoying the board. Now however, I have (more than) a few questions that I couldn't quite find the answers to.

First things first. My name is Aelís (and since I'm always asked; it's Irish, and it sounds like "ALE-ish") I'm... older than I wanna be... (you're really not gonna ask a woman how 'old' she is, are you?) and I've just been blessed with ... quite possibly ... two 1976 2002s. (one of the two is in the pic below).

Ok, so this is probably going to be one of many "question posts" I'll have... and if I've missed posts with the answers I apologize in advance, (and would you be kind enough to point me in the right direction?) =)

but I really have been digging around pretty hard in here, so here goes:

1. Where can I find the overall length of each;

the original 4sp and 5sp transmissions,

and the overall length of the 320i 5sp?

2. Was the same flywheel (or same flywheel clutch plate) used for both? (or... well... all three?)

3a. Does anyone know the actual capacity of the stock radiator?

3b. Does anyone know the actual capacity of the stock 320i radiator?

3c. Is the capacity the reason I keep finding suggestions to replace the stock radiator with a 320i radiator, or is there another reason?

4. Has anyone ever heard of a high volume water pump that could be used?

5. Where can I find the actual displacement of the motor? I know, this sounds like a trick question... but is there some way I can find out which version of the M10 I have in my car? (of course, I'm assuming that they both still have M10s....)

6. Last but certainly not least... one of the two cars has had a tii LSD installed (hearsay, not confirmed). On this car, looking in the bay, it appears the entire engine is moved forward 1" or 2" and the fan has been clipped to prevent it from becoming one with the radiator O_o

Could anyone explain why the replacement might have been made,

AND why the engine would have been moved forward?

Whew. Ok. I hope one of you VERY kind souls out there (with VOLUMES of knowledge and HOURS of free time on your hands) happens across this post! ...and if anyone has any questions for me, off course, ask away!

Thank you!



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Welcome to the board. Lots of great people on here. Search as much as you can before asking & you can find many answers, I'll answer what I can.

1. I don't have those measurements, but...

The original 5 speed, you may be referring to is a close ratio unit. I assume you want an

overdrive 5 speed as used in the 320i that fits this car, so:

The five speed tranny is exactly 3.6" longer than the four speed it is replacing (Stole that info from the FAQ article Five Speed Conversion on this web site 02 FAQ's Engine & Drivetrain) Good read if you are thinking of a 5 speed conversion.

2. 214 mm (late) and 228 mm(early) flywheels are used Either can be used for either transmission, when used with the correct throw out bearing

3a. I don't know. Someone will chime in on this.

3b. I don't know.

3c. Yes, basically it cools better as it is bigger. Note there are 3 versions

of the 320i rad also. There are other radiator solutions too many have used, recore a stock with a 3 row core, pinto rad, & ireland sells one.

4.Metric mechanic has a curved finger added to stock water pump, supposed to increase flow. I bought one long ago, the curved finger that was expoxied on broke off right after I installed it, I could feel the finger push against the front cover. It was too long or epoxied on crooked, not sure. If you have cooling issues, the stock water pump if in good condition, will work just fine, you need to look at other areas. You can get a different size pulley to turn the pump faster( I can't remember where) , but once again, that's not the area to fix your cooling on a stock motor.

5. 1990 cc's . On the cover of the Haynes manual. It could only be a 2 ltr, unless someone transplanted a 1.8 ltr late 320i motor ( not likely)

6. Show us a picture or two of that area. If the outer edges of the fan blade are 'cut', it could be damage from a previous meeting of the fan & radiator for a variety of reasons

(previous wreck or motor mount issues).

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First of all, welcome to the fraternity/sorority/madness of '02 ownership.

Your questions:

3a. Does anyone know the actual capacity of the stock radiator?

3b. Does anyone know the actual capacity of the stock 320i radiator?

3c. Is the capacity the reason I keep finding suggestions to replace the stock radiator with a 320i radiator, or is there another reason?

It's not the actual radiator capacity (as in quarts or liters) that's important, it's their ability to cool. A 320 radiator has a greater number of tubes and fins, so has more coolling capacity. That--and the fact that it's a very near fit--makes it a popular replacement for a stock 2002 radiator.

Another option is a 3 row radiator built on stock 2002 top and bottom tanks. Check the posting a few above or below yours about the Silicon Garage that makes 'em. If you're having a cooling problem--usually due to either air conditioning or a clogged or worn radiator, that's a good solution.



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Thank you Dan! Most of the questions I have right now are related not only to possible upgrades, but also trying to decipher what the car(s) are currently set up with.

1. Thanks for pointing me to the Conversion Article... I can't believe I missed that... but then again, I am blond. =/

2. Again, TYVM!

3. I think some one did, a couple of replies down. (is that Ireland Engineering in Cali?)

4. Personally I think I'd rather keep things simpler, but my roommate was asking... and in fact when we were discussing it earlier she mentioned changing the pulley size too... and yes, I believe you, that's not how I'd want to go about fixing a cooling issue!

5. Thank you. I wasn't sure that they all were the same exact 2L. I think I should have had a second part to this question though. What do I look for on the engine to try to determine what is actually sitting in the bay. Is there a number (or set of numbers) somewhere that would tell me if its the 2L, or the 1.8... (or something else entirely?)

6. As soon as I can get a couple of pics, I'll put them up... the one thing I know for certain is that the blades were in fact cut... which doesn't preclude damage, of course... but yes, they were cut. As soon as I can find out more (and the pics) I'll get them up (probably not until Tues or Wed though.).

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Hi Mike!

Thanks for the welcome to the madhouse. ;-)

Thank you! I thought it wasn't just as simple as 'volume,' but I couldn't for the life of me remember. I'll look for that post too. One car (so far, fingers crossed) doesn't have any known cooling issue, but the other supposedly does, and I'm trying to get ahead of the curve, as it were. I'll look for that post, too.

Thanks again!


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