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14th Annual SoCal Vintage BMW Meet 2021! “All couped up”

Registration is still open. Rally from NorCal is scheduled for Friday. Post your event photos.

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Rubber Filler Neck


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"Is number 14 what I need?"

well, since you don't say what the issue is and you don't say what year your car is.....we don't know.

did you put your vin into realoem so it just shows the parts for your car?

Well I thought the title was pretty clear on what I was looking for. I searched based on my vehicle model and production date, not VIN.

I have an inkling that you are just being a smarty pants.

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not being smart ass...you didn't say you had looked by vin or year and there are two different filler necks depending on the year of the car. we can't read your mind or your vin on the 'nets....;-)

yeah, if I were you guys looking in at me... well I know I look like a newb.

So I am going through and replacing essentially any rubber that gas flows through, tore the carb down and rebuilding it tomorrow and having the gas tank tested/fixed as well within the next week. Killing the fuel odor as much as I can for as long as I can. That's where my question comes into play and I searched based on my exact model but I am not good with looking at these diagrams so I wanted board confirmation. And yes I did search the forums without much result, maybe I am calling it the wrong name?

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different gas tanks used on carbureted 2002s, and they use different filler necks. While you can check via your VIN, a PO could have put an early tank into a late car and vice versa, so the VIN alone might not help.

The easy way to tell is by length: short or long. The long one also has provision for a vent tube, while the short one doesn't.

I presume your old one is either split or otherwise damaged. We're trying to keep you from buying the wrong part from our own experience with the same situation.



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