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E3 spark plugs

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

I recently pulled a set of "E3" plugs out of another project (914). Anyone use them in their m10? While on the subject, anyone use "Iridium" plugs? Is the extra cost justified?

Don't need to be reminded about using the standard NGK or Bosch plugs. Just curious if anyone has any personal knowledge about these other sparkers.


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Really... the exotic metal plugs are mostly marketing hype.

Spark plugs are a case where stock is sufficient and more is just more. In other words, whatever ignites the AF mix is sufficient.

Once the final energy necessary to ignite the charge is reached, the chemical reaction pretty much takes care of itself.

It's like which is better... a charcoal grill ignited with a match, or one ignited with a torch.

Ignition is ignition. Exotic metal plugs do not provide greater ignition energy than neessary to ignite the AF mix. And once the charge is ignited, it follows the flame front dictated by the shape/volume of the combustion chamber.

What exotic metal plugs do allow is increasing the service interval vs. standard plugs.

This is great for a daily driver - minimises maintenance.

But, do you really want your antique '02 going 60K mi. before having a look-see at the spark plugs to determine whether the static carb AF mixture is adequate for the car? I suspect not.

Exotic metal plugs are a way for these manufacturers to increase sales or raise profit margins.

In other words, it benefits them... but it really has no benefit for you.


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