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Solved: Any trick to wiring the horn?


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I am wiring in a Personal horn button.

I have the horn wire located. I was just wondering if there was any special trick (a certain amount of extra wire to accommodate turning, etc...), or is it just straight forward.

Wiring up the Personal horn does not involve the ground ring. The horn button assembly has a wire clip that grounds the horn to the hub.

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If you are using a stock steering wheel, the wheel contains a 'carbon pin' which contacts the copper circle on the steering column trim. IIRC, this is the ground connection. The hot side is wired directly to the horn relay and when you press the horn button, the circuit is closed and energizes the horn.

In other words, there really is no wire going to the steering wheel at all, instead it goes to the copper ring on the trim piece and the spring loaded carbon pin riding against this copper ring allows the wheel to be turned while maintaining contact.


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