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Rough idle at warm up (M2)


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I am now to this forum, so I thought I ask the experts, car not only driving rough at idle, but it dyes while driving. No problem to restart, but it could stop 3-4 times on a short trip. I also smell significant fuel in around the gas tank???

car has been modified with a S14 engine, fun all around, but I just bought it and am sorting through things.

Where do I start?

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you need to go into deep details about your supply fuel pump?,

routing of hoses?

any sharp bends or kinks?,

the wiring throughout?,

Got temp sensors ? working correctly??

your fuel pressure reading?............. photos

any fuel small is a bad thing.

Is it the original ignition/fuel management

out of the M3 donor car?

or some home grown modified electronic stuff?

was the warm-up running qualities know

when the S14 lived in it's original body?

Gas SMELL! = Loss of pressure?, danger of fire?,

killing you and your passengers?

Have a great Saturday

p.s. need photos

sometimes all your describing things does

nothing for long distance problem solving -

one good photo might

show someone here the cause right away.


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Guest Anonymous

First thing to look for would be Cracks in the rubber filler neck that feed the gas tank......they ALL crack. Give it a squeeze and they usually are pretty obvious. ( If its hard and does not want to Squeeze then it most surely is cracked too)

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Let's see the car :)

How low is it idling? You can adjust that big screw just above the "M" in this pic to bring up the idle if needed.


Like CD said, it could be anything. When was the car last tuned up?

Look for gas leaks at the tank seam also, especially when full.



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