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timing questions, need info, (long)

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

So, in the quest to have a strong running 02, I tried to time my car this weekend. Unfortunatley, I'm not positive the painted marks are in the right spot.

There are 2 notchs in the outer pulley off of the crankshaft, is this TDC?

Which way on the pulley is advance? Say, I'm looking at it from the drivers side, away from me or towards me?

Thanks for any help you can give me.


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Guest Anonymous

when you shoot it with the timing light it should

move clockwise as it advances. After 30 years

those timing marks may or may not work. Make

sure to use a timing light with a dial so you can

measure what the total advance is. Timing at idle

is best set finding a section of road silgthly uphill,

just advance it until it knocks and then back it off a

bit. That should be close enough for goverment



Make sure your valves and dwell are adjusted first.

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Guest Anonymous

Getting a little bit of knocking at full acceleration. Up around higher RPMs when I'm winding it out, but a bit before redline.

Steve J

72 tii Verona

88 M3 Hennarot

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