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BIG road trip next month.

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Hey everyone,

I thought I'd let you all know about the road trip I'm doing next month. I live in Vancouver, and I have a summer work term for engineering in Montreal. My trusty 02 will be making the trip. I'll be leaving on May 5 and if all goes well, I'll be getting there around May 9th. Currently the plan is to do all the driving myself, but if I'm lucky I'll find someone to go with me. I still haven't decided whether to go through Canada or the US but I'm leaning towards the US because it's about 5 hours shorter. Lately I've been trying to make sure the car is up for the trip just by driving it a lot. Other than one trashed guibo, the car has basically been fine.

Also, if there is anyone on this board who lives on the way (aka close to the border), it would be nice to have a couple of places to look to if I run into trouble. I don't think the prairies are the most likely spot to find 2002 parts:)

Between now and May 5th, I have one last exam on Tuesday, then I'm going to visit my parents in Africa for a week and a half. As soon as I get back, I'm hopping in the car.

The picture here is my car a couple weeks ago at Al's ranch. I can assure you all that the car runs much better than it looks!

Eddy Cooper

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