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i have a bunch of newbie 02 questions.

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Guest Anonymous

the single barrel solex on my '71 must be way out of adjustment because i only get around 20 mpg on a good day. i was wondering what carb i should look for to get good power, but economy is sort of my first priority. at any rate i have to do something, because for such a light car i should be getting alot more than 18-20mpg.

thats question 1.

i have weird lube oil pressure problem.

when the engine first starts cold i get around 80 psi, but if it runs for about 10-15 minutes, and warms up, the lube oil pressure drops to around 20-35 psi (lo - high idle respectively) i was wondering if this problem was related to the lube oil pump, the main berings or something similar. maybeits the lube oil itself (i just got the car). maybe there is something wrong with the filter. anyway, i figure it kind of needs more lube oil pressure than that so i need to know what to do. also if anyone knows what the running pressures are supposed to be i would like to know. i have a mechanical guage rigged up so i can get readings.

also if any one could recommend oil filters they prefer that would be cool. (air filters too).

i also have a wierd elecrical ground fault somewhere presumably in the dash, the fuel and water temp guages peg, and the oil pressure and brake fault dummy lights blink on and off alot ( the oil pressure like isnt hooked up to a sensor) if anybody knows where i should look for this one i would like to know.

anyway, feel free to send me email. or just reply to this post.

thanks in advance.


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Guest Anonymous


URL: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/02s_online/links.html

there is a typically suspect ground right behind the instrument panel. easy fix. just take it apart and clean/tighten the ground back there.

as for the carb problem, consider upgrading to L-jet fuel injection for the best fuel economy. I will be posting a FAQ on this procedure soon. sorry i have no idea how to tune a solex, but perhaps someone else will chime in :)


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