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Say it aint so - wiper pivot shaft question


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I installed my rebuilt wiper mechanism and motor and it was a spectacular failure when I installed the drive side wiper rod and ran a single intermittent sweep.

The wiper swept way past the end of the glass and the internal mechanism rod actually popped off of the driver side wiper pivot shaft in the firewall cavity.

I have a sinking feeling that the left and right pivot shafts are slightly different lengths and I swapped them in the rebuild. Can anyone verify this bad news for me :(

I think that would explain the too large sweep and other issues.



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part numbers for left and right wiper pivot shaft assys...

On a spare wiper linkage assy I have, the right (pax) pivot has 40.8 stamped on it and the left (driver's) side has 47.2 stamped on it.

Sorry. A lesson learned for all; when you disassemble, mark 'em for left and right--just like headlight buckets. Very similar and easy to confuse.

But before disassembling everything, try repositioning the wiper arm on its shaft and see if you can make 'em work...



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