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14th Annual SoCal Vintage BMW Meet 2021! “All couped up”

Registration is still open. Rally from NorCal is scheduled for Friday. Post your event photos.

SoCal Vintage is Here! 

Post your photos!

My first 02 (with lots of pics!)


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Well I picked up my first 2002 this weekend. Its a '76 Chamonix 4spd.

Unknown mileage. Runs pretty well. Paid $1600 for it and drove it down from Tacoma to Portland.

It will be my daily driver and remain mostly stock and i'd like to slowly restore it.

The car has a Weber 32/36, 3.90 diff (open) and according to the previous owner "ported exhaust manifold mechanical (non vacuum ) dizzy" I would love if someone could explain the second half of that for me..

My short list of things to start on:

Full tune up (never worked on a car with points or a carb before so should be a learning experience).

Shifter bushings replacement (whole lot of movement with the shifter)

Paint the passenger fender (currently primered-almost matches but not quite)

Wire in a newer stereo.

Make the horn work.

Replace the front seats, or at least the drivers.

Align the drivers side door as it is a little bit off.

Did '76s not come with chokes??











Any idea what the deal is with the pinched pipe on the exhaust manifold? Is it supposed to be part of the EGR or something?

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Looks great! My first 02 was a '75 that looked just about the same, even to the carb.

You will find that they are pretty easy to work on but that doesn't mean no frustration...

Mind emailing me offline? Question for you regarding console/radio.


jasonpap2002 AT yahoo.com

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FWIW I'm a Portland native (graduated from Benson, before going to Eugene for the next 18 yrs. Graduated from UO).

Your Haynes manual that came with the car (I assume) will be able to answer many of your questions, but here's a few answers and tips.

You have a Weber water choke carb. You can remove the air filter when the car is completely cold and verify that the choke plates (sometimes refered to as choke butterflies) are completely closed. Then, with the car warmed up, say, 15 min. of driving, check again to see if they are straight up and down. If not, loosen the three screws surounding the cover that the two water pipes run into (from the rear) and rotate it to achieve the desired orientation I outlined above.

Soon, get an inline fuel filter installed. You can pick up an inexpensive one at any place dealing in parts for VWs. Then, learn to use the Forum Search at the top left of this page. And don't hesitate to ask questions on this page.

Bob Napier

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Nice car!

The pinched tube indicates it's a California car that has been de-smogged.

Be sure to use the search function for the proper method of desmogging to be certain the PO did it right!

As time/budget allows, you may want to think about swapping that Boat Anchor of a Thermal Reaction manifold for a Tii one - easy swap.


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One other thing I noticed. the reason your horn may not be working is because the relay for it is missing. Right above the battery, on the drivers fender, there should be three identical relays, and one of yours is missing. The other two are for the lights. You can unplug one and move it over and find out is your horn now works. You can probably pick up one by listing on the Parts Wanted page on this board.

Bob Napier

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Check out http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/pnw2002/

They have a local meet every few weeks and events every so often. Also, http://bmworegoncca.com/

They held a nice drive late last september, don't need to be a member to go on the drives(or at least that one).

Pics from last september. http://s696.photobucket.com/albums/vv328/swedespeed242/BMW%20CCA%20Portland%20Sept%2025th%202010/

Welcome to the cult(the one that doesn't make you drink the spiked punch)

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First, welcome to the fraternity/sorority--lotsa nice folks on the board (and locally) to help you out...

You can make your car a lot quieter by reinstalling the shift boot around its lip on the console. You're getting noise and fumes up from under the car with it out of position as shown in your pictures.

And it looks like you have your original Blaupunkt radio--folks on the board can tell you how to modify it so that you can plug an MP 3 player into it, and how to add speakers for a better sound. However, if you want something newer, I'm sure you'll have no trouble selling your OEM radio on the FAQ--someone's gonna want it.

Looks like a nice car--and you got a deal at $1600...


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"ported exhaust manifold mechanical (non vacuum ) dizzy" I would love if someone could explain the second half of that for me..

manifold reference would be if a P.O. had "port matched" the manifold to the head - it would be a bit unusual for someone to put the effort into this with a thermal reactor manifold, as the various emissions type manifolds aren't usually considered to be particularly desirable from a performance standpoint (port matching involves making the exhaust ports in the head and manifold exactly the same size and shape to promote smoother exhaust gas flow).

"Mechanical (non vacuum) dizzy" should be a reference to a tii mechanical advance distributor - a good thing, IF it's in good working order (can't tell what distributor you have in the car from the engine compartment photos, though).

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Not too worried about the exhaust as it sounds like I should just swap to a tii manifold when I get the $.

How would I find out on the disty? I just bought cap/rotor/points to do a tune-up, might I need to return them for different ones?

Thanks for the advice on the horn relay, i'll check that out this afternoon.

Not a canadian transplant but a dualie due to birthright. I love those "driving mittens" though, very warm.

I will do some research on the radio, if I can get my phone hooked up to it to play mp3s then I may just keep it.

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Rotor and points should be fine, but you need to take a close look at the cap. Look at the current one and at the top of the dizzy where the two mate. Some dizzies have a notch in them where a tab on the cap will locate, and some have the tab on the metal housing of the dizzy and therefore require a cap with a female notch to mate up correctly. Just make sure you're not trying to put two females or two males together (at the risk of sounding politically incorrect with regard to the gay community).

You can also get rid of that long aluminum tube that comes out of the driver's side of the intake manifold by clicking on the Store tab at the top of this page and looking for the nicely machined block-off plate for sale there (at least I think they're still available).

Good luck with your new baby.

Bob Napier

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