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RARE 2002 Kamei Front Spoiler FS - NEW, Never installed

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I have - what I believe to be - a very RARE Kami front spoiler for a 2002. It is new (I guess if you can call something this old new), and never installed. I purchased it many years ago along with a 2002. It is just sitting in the Garage, and has a couple of small scuffs along the lower edge from sitting, but has never been on a car. I have tried to look up the model number with Kami, but their records do not seem to go back that far. I can provide pictures this weekend.

Price: $275 plus shipping.

Contact: bimmerstuff(at)gmail.com

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Sorry for the spelling - I'm at work and the spoiler is at home. It is not the same as the one pictured. It actually fits up around the grills and up the sides. I have never seen one like it before, and have owned 4 2002's over the years, beginning with our first one while stationed in Italy in 1984. I think it is a much older one than the style pictured. A few years ago I tried matching up the number on the back of it with Kamei, but came up with nothing like it from them. I will post a picture tomorrow. I am located in Florida, just NW of Orlando.

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Here are several pictures. I come up empty when I google the type numbers on the spoiler, and the Kamei site has nothing. As I said earlier, I got the spoiler when I purchased a 2002 several years ago.



Here is the number on the back



Here is a picture of the part that fits up around the center grills, taken from the back


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I don't have the 2002 anymore, and the spoiler has been sitting around for quite some time. If I remember correctly, it fit, but I never put it on before I sold the car. Kamei has no record of either number. If I remember correctly, the bottom lip fit up against the center kidney grills, and the curved outside edges fit up around the curved front fenders outside of the grills.

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