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Stirring the Alpina pot


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Those bulbous Alpina flares sure do complement the North American specification turn signal lenses.

I hear they're all the rage in Europe.. Due to something like Alpina using them over there.. Errrr something. It was conversation over drinks.

might just be a simple case of:

here we go again:



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I had only heard of this WIDER version...but your pic clearly shows wider.

I had always assumed the pig cheeks would allow 8 or 9 inch wheels....

what do these wider cheeks allow?...

when were they used back in the day?.....group 2 or?....

Just wanted to add/ask?....was there a clear cut wider version made?..or was it more like flared 911s back in the day, where so many versions were made by privateers and factory its hard to say if there was truly one wide version.......

..... more a case of many versions and nothing official?...?

besides Korman, IE, and Mana.....who sells FG flares in the US?..

Fiberartz in NY could make them.....I bet Mana( Jayson) would too...

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Check my albums, and you will see that many iterations existed. Somebody should make affordable flares in the US, and most of all, properly done.

Proper shape

Proper technique. Fiberglass mat plus vacuumed resin. Not shut fiberglass and liberally applied resin (it's not the resin that makes the strength, but the mat).

Proper price



Fiberartz has been extremely liberal when doing the e30 M3 bumpers. I wonder if they can even do something accurately that respects the original shape ;-)

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Guest Anonymous

Your right about the demand. Hard to make it commercially profitable (for pretty much anything having to do with an 02), limited demand.


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I checked an old thread from fVargas from South America where he shows his Korman flares where both fronts are totally different in shape. So, Korman's offering is out of the questiion. IE's Vasek Polak's flares are nicely made, but not the shape I like.

One other dude on 2002faq has been offering flares but they are of the street variety. I wonder if that dude could make wider molds if some members committed to a purchase.


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I understand that you're trying to find a US supplier for these Alpina style flares but do you know if what you're looking for is available in Europe? The guys on the Brit forum should be able to help. I've also used Google Translate to communicate reasonably well on the German forum.




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