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parts stash raided - oddities found


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so i dove into the parts stash that came out of my dad's garage. some of it will get sold off - how many sets of grill do I need??

however, i found some things which came from cars other than 2002s.

I suspect they are either from an E3 Bavaria or a 700 coupe.

the door handle set might fit into the 2002, but it is shorter than the 2002 one.

the mirror is much wider than a 2002, but fits on the 2002. this one i think is from a bavaria.

any thoughts on the door handle?






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I'm interested in the door handles and arm rests. My `67 1600 came with nothing!

clay dot weiland at gmail


Email me next week if you're still looking, Clay . . . I've got a set of early door handles being refinished, they'll be the best pair you'll find.

Also have arm rests from a '68 1600.

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I may be wrong, but I thought very early cars had a separate clutch reservoir, which would be what you have there. I think all '02s had dual-chambered master cylinders and thus at least two outlets on the brake reservoirs, but the early cars had the brake reservoir mounted directly on the master cylinder, making a separate clutch reservoir easier to plumb. The two hydraulic systems would thus have been completely separate.

But like I said, I may be remembering wrong.


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