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heater box problems


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I refurbished my heater box and bench tested the fan. everything checked out. so I bolted it back in the car and hooked up the electrical, and it all worked great. I thought to myself "wow it actually worked with no problems" too bad I didn't knock on wood because once I put the selector levers back on the dash and then tried it again it just blew the 16 amp fuse. so i made sure all loose wires were taped up and were secure. but the problem persists. any ideas why it would just start blowing fuses out of nowhere?

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Time to go to work. Pull the fuse (it is blown as reported so it really isn't needed). Turn the switch on and use a continuity tester check to ground on the fan side of the fuse (not the bus side, not side). If it shows a completed circuit, you have a short to ground.

Chase the wire to the switch and check on the wire to the fan motor with the wire to the fan motor off the switch. Continue on until the circuit shows open. Between there and the privious point is the grounded spot.

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