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14th Annual SoCal Vintage BMW Meet 2021! “All couped up”

Registration is still open. Rally from NorCal is scheduled for Friday. Post your event photos.

SoCal Vintage is Here! 

Post your photos!

1975 2002 in ATL

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I haven't posted on this forum for quite some time now, but was hoping you guys would give some honest feedback on my ole 02 for me.

Due to some unfortunate moving violations, I have to sell my 02 along with my e30. It kills me to have to sell the car, but it is absolutely necessary. My hopes are that someone from the FAQ will buy the car, or someone who appreciates these cars as much as I know all of us here do. Since I have been out of the 02 scene for a little while, im not quite sure if I have the vehicle adiquately priced. Let me know what you guys think.

1975 BMW 2002

2,500 OBO

14 in E30 basketweaves with new tires

3.91 E21 LSD

H&R springs with Koni strut/shocks. Polyurethane bushings throughout the front Front Susp. Strut mounts & bearings replaced ect.

Brake system has been overhauled and all new OEM parts installed. (Calipers, Wheel Cylinders, Drums ect.)

Rebuilt Weber 32/36 carb 6 months ago

IE polyurethane motor mounts

Car runs and drives great, but it does have some rust- The main spots being the left rear strut tower, left rear rocker panel, and passenger floorboard. Pics-


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the car wears some serious rust...the bigger issue is the rust that can't be seen without tearing the car apart

if there is rust through in the shock towers and rocker, there is a lot more lurking...in my opinion, $2500 is somewhat overly optimistic

The vehicle does have a significant amount of rust, I will agree with you there. But it isn't as bad as it seems, from what I can tell. For instance, the underside of the rear strut tower is clean, and shows no signs of the rust having chewed completely through the metal. I do however, trust your judgement, Esty. This being said, I am open to offers on the car.

I believe the car was originally Fijord blue, but the car has been resprayed by a previous owner.

On the subject of my precious E30, I sold it to my brother under the condition that I might buy it back from him when I get my license back. However, he was kind enough to take my very clean e30 ('88, is, plastic bumper, original uncracked dash, immaculate interior, NLA 15x7.5 Ronal LS, koni shocks, H&R Springs, ect. I also had every record on the car since it was bought in SC; I even had part of the original window sticker.), into a curb at 40 mph. This resulted in my nice NLA wheels being destroyed, oil pan was shattered, oil pump was laying in the street, control arm and tie rod are bent to oblivion... and he still owes me money for the car...Needless to say it is a sore subject.

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