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Electric fan question


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Hey I just got an electric fan I installed it str8 to the battery with a fuse and what not.... My problem is that at night when I need to run my lights and possibly my heater it seems like running my electric fan drains alot of power and my lights go dim till I rev the engine or I'm moving when it's just idling it makes my car kinda idle rough when both are on... I did some research and a bigger alternator is one possible solution and someone was telling me to run some sort of relay......

Can someone set me str8 on what to do cuz I'm not finding a exact answer lol thank u for ur time fellow members :)

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Guest Anonymous

The only time you want to run your fan is when the car radiator is not getting enough cooling air. Most of the time at night when you need your lights it is cool enough so you won't need your cooling fan.

A simple way to control your fan is to get an air conditioning fan thermal switch from a 320i. Mount it in the coolant outlet elbow at the front of the head that the upper radiator hose is connected to. Use the thermal switch to activate a simple relay that you put in line to the fan. The fan will turn on when the coolant out of the head is at 190f. Remember to use switched power to run to the thermal switch so only when it is hot and the ignition is on will the fan run.

Have fun

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