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02 mention in Hot Rod this month


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Rob Kinnan, editor, in his monthly column this month mentioned the 2002 as being among "foreign oddballs" that he likes.

He said, the 2002 is a classic design for European car nuts like a '69 Camaro is to you and me."

He also commented that, "Any domestic engine will fit."

As I was sorting through about 100 pounds of hardware, brackets, linkages, that was cleaned and ready for plating, I was reflecting on the paragraph Kinnan dedicated to the 02. It occurred to me that was is so "foreign" to some, even at a macro level, such as even knowing what a 2002 is, is so familiar to us on the most micro of levels. The words "Ribe" "Verbus" "Knipping" "Eska" "Graeka", and my personal favorite, "Boesner" are so familiar to many of us.

To go OT:

There is also a good article on legendary metal fabricator and car constructor Ron Fournier that nicely chronicles his days with Holman & Moody as well as Penske.

To risk sounding like a shill for Hot Rod, there is a lot of good content in each magazine that carries across, if not in application, in spirit to what we all do here.

It was great to see an open minded perspective in HRM.


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Totally agree about HRM!

Holman-Moody is a great outfit and still very much alive. They're still producing great performance kit for vintage Mustangs and such.

Best known for their 1st & 2nd Gen. Galaxie and Fairlane Daytona cars, many people are not aware that they also produced the famed Ford GT40 - NOT Ford!

Despite Hank II's wish to stomp Enzo Ferrari at Le Mans in the mid-60's, because of Mercedes' disaster with the 300SL at the 1955 Le Mans, the legal dept. at Ford decided they needed to distance themselves from liability, and so Holman-Moody built and registered the cars as Holman-Moody GT40's, sponsored by Ford.

Holman-Moody registered many more chassis numbers than they produced (a common practice) and in the late '80's produced a continuation run of the GT40. Unlike other GT40 clones from makers such as Superforce, the H-M cars were genuine GT40's.

This is actually why, when Ford introduced the Ford GT in 2004, they could not call it the GT40, because that name belonged to Holman-Moody.


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