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Elctrical wire color and size question.....

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

upgrading headlights, stereo install, dash ground wire fix,

electric fuel pump, etc.

what size electrical wire should I get?


red= constant power

red/white= power from the ignition

brown= ground

what else?



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Guest Anonymous

As I said over there... 12 awg. is more than adequate for most of the big power consumers, except for stereo amps. For amps, it just depends on their capacity. For small consumers like fuel pumps, 14 awg is adequate. If you want to get scientific about it, check out one of the many wiring voltage drop tables available on the web. It all depends on how much power a device consumes and how long the wire run is.

Personally, I think red and brown are good enough. All you really need to do is distinguish between + and -.

Chris B.

'73 ex-Malaga

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