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Installing K-mac adjustable strut mounts.

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Instructions to install K-mac stage 1 camber plates.

1. Lift car and remove front wheels and front sway bar.

2. Remove big nut from top of strut - NOTE: if you have stock springs you may need to compress them. If you can wiggle your springs with the suspension hanging down, you have shortened springs.

3. Remove 3 bolts holding the strut mount/bearing

4. Push the strut down and away from the strut tower.

5. Remove the top strut mount/bearing

6. Grease the Kmac bearing - don't be shy - it comes greased but it really needs to be packed with more.

7. Slide the short bushing from the K-mac kit on the strut shaft.

8. Slide a big washer on the strut shaft

9. Slide the biggest washer with round edge from the K-mac kit. This one seals the bearing from the bottom

10. Install the K-mac mount by sliding the bolts on the

(3) strut holes. Place the top ring and use the (3) nuts

that came with the kit to fasten the assembly. If you have a strut bar mounted with a ring - use that instead.

11. You will notice that the strut shaft is too small for the bearing hole (at least on my HD Bilsteins)

12. Get a steel bushing (from Ace-hardware), to go

inside the hole bearing and make up the difference. I had to cut mine to length.

13. Push the lower control arm/strut with a jack while positioning the strut shaft through the bearing hole.

14. Slide the bushing (from step 12) on the shaft from the top and press it on the bearing. This will center the strut on the mount.

15. Slide a washer on the shaft (there are two similar in size (the bigger one in diameter)

16. Slice the longer bushing from the K-mac kit.

17. Slide a washer (the smaller one).

18. Tighten the strut shaft with the big nut. Install the black cups that came with the K-mac kit on top of the strut. I had to drill a 3/8 hole on top of them to get them to slide down.

19. Re-install sway bar and wheels

20. Take the car to your favorite alignment shop and


Sorry - I did not take pictures, but don't think you need any, pretty simple


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what part number fits the 02's? their site does have have one.

great write up

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I think the distributor (Bavarian Motorsport) site would say which one fits the 02.

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