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14th Annual SoCal Vintage BMW Meet 2021! “All couped up”

Registration is still open. Rally from NorCal is scheduled for Friday. Post your event photos.

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Need some custom wheel advice


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I have been thinking about getting some custom steel wheels made. 15x7's ET25 to hold my 205/15/15s. BUT I want them to also have a chrome beauty ring and be able to hold the old style BMW chrome hubcap with the BMW roundel in the center. I just think it would look really cool to have the 205/50/15s on steelies on a lowered car. Nice retro old school look.

Anybody out there know of a place that can make these for me?

I have seem plenty of Acura wheels etc in 15x7 but none will hold the beauty ring and the hubcap

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remember the stock steel wheels - both early with the big hub caps and later with just little center cap - were 13". Might be hard to get that 13" center to work on a 15" rim.

But I like the idea of keeping the early old school wheel covers on a wheel big enough to modern(ish) rubber and clear bigger brakes too.

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I grew up in Stockton (nothing to brag about) and Stockton Wheels have been around forever.

Stockton to San Marino....that is about as big of a step as you can make! You done good...

Ha, I made my baby steps through the years in the Bay Area first before coming down. My Bro went straight to Playa Vista from Stockton so it really was like getting out on parole. Stockton lost it's #1 ranking as the most miserable city in the country this year as ranked by Forbes so but I'm thinking it'll come back strong in 2011.

OP, sorry for the OT

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they do very good, high quality work, but it's definately NOT cheap.

Last project I had done there was having a pair of Dodge D50 mini-truck wheels widened from 15x6 to 15x7 with the offset changed - there were no barrels available that matched the original stock 15x6's I was running on the front end, so they widened the existing wheels by adding material in the inside and moved the centers. Beautiful, leak free welds and the wheels were perfectly round and true, but it cost $250 to get the pair made.

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