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14th Annual SoCal Vintage BMW Meet 2021! “All couped up”

Registration is still open. Rally from NorCal is scheduled for Friday. Post your event photos.

SoCal Vintage is Here! 

Post your photos!

i have some deals on ebay

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i'm going to clean up this year...everything i have that i never sold or got stuck with is going at a reduced price...if anyone wants to buy one of the ebay sets, let me know and i'll end the auction

carpet sets, mats, trunk mats and a few sets of new trunk boards

if you need/want anything in particular, ask...i may have exactly what you want

ebay link

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Interested in the blue carpet set. I assume it's the same shade as came original in the chamomix exterior/navy blue interior cars? I also assume its new like the others you usually sell. If yes, then consider it sold to me.

it is new, same quality, fit & finish as the usual...as far as color, i've never seen an original blue set, so i have nothing to compare it to...FWIW, i've sold a lot of sets in that same material without any complaints

i'll end the auction as soon as i get an email from you just so i don't forget...email makes it a lot easier for me to keep up with what all i have going on

thanks a bunch

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Time for my annual question: "Can you make a carpet kit for an E12?" :)

Just checking, when you can put me down for one in salt and pepper grey. 'Till next year, all the best.


shad...as much as i'd like to say yes, the answer is still no...i still don't have an old set to make patterns...if you want to rip your old carpet out & send it to me, we can work together in the R&D dept

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