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ALRIGHT! Car started right up after sitting two weeks.....

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Guest Anonymous

Haven't been able to work on my car for 2 weeks. Came over to my parents house to eat dinner and visit. First I tried my older brothers truck that also had been sitting for two weeks. Trying to find a short in the wiring on it. We know it is somewhere in the ignition and charging system and now the primary wire for it so we can stop the drain but are still looking for the cause.

Then I went around the house to my 02 and tried it. Started right up. Only one backfire and some smoke, so there is still some adjusting to do. Brakes, seats and lights are really all I need to get it road going. Oh, and time!

But I'm not really in a hurry now since my older brother has too many cars and can only have 2 at his apartment. He has his Honda Accord and SVX there. Over at my parents house, CRX HF, CRX Si (racer) and 76 Ford Truck. And is letting me borrow his Nissan Sentra SE-R, fun but not an 02, at least it is a stick. now my wife can drive the Sunfire.

Later on once I figure out my bills and I know how much money I have I will be coming up with a parts list of things I will need. Here's a couple I know of now:

Speedo cable

stock seat mounts


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Guest Anonymous


both my older brother's(black one) and little brother's(white one) SVXs are autos.

Some people have taken the new WRX engine with 6 speed manual and put them in the SVX.

The only problem my brothers have come across on those are the front brakes are too small for the car and we are currently looking at possibly using the WRX brakes.

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