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update on t-shirt contest (long)

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous


The triangle shaped holes are definetely to access

the hood bolts from under thru the grille openings

in order to adjust it properly.

The round holes, I honestly don't know! The panel

can drain without them (tried it), so a logical

explanation is they were only good to BMW when

they were building the car or they are for weight

saving!, it could be their legacy of building aircraft

engines! Questions like that intrigue me.

So Steve K. wins


BTW to adjust the hood:

1)put all the bolts in, including the two for the

springs, only tighten the six at the front hinges,

close the hood, loosen the six and align the hood

closed, then tighten those six bolts with the hood

2)adjust the springs (for some reason they can

also move the hood in all kinds of directions)

3)adjust the height and the latch with the triangle

brackets (they can move 4 different ways and tilt!)

4) adjust 4 rest buttons (two at the front and two at

the back) to keep the hood from vibrating.

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Guest Anonymous

My guess is that it has less to do with assembly (holes are too big and not at critical location points for welding, etc.) and more to do with a car that was designed without consideration for aerodynamics. The clamshell design of the '02 hood is different from other cars of its era. Air forced through the grill at highway speed needs to go through the radiator, true, but what to do with the excess airflow from the sides of the grill on either side of the radiator? There is less of a pathway for moving air to get through the front of the car's grill and then upward between the fender and edge of the hood like, say a Datsun 510 or Volvo 140 series, and downward below the front panel won't do it either.

Maybe the holes are there to relieve the built up air pressure from the grill cavity.

As an experiment, why not put some duct tape over the round holes and leave the hood unlatched. Then, drive the car fast enough for the hood to lift at the cowl (you know you've done it). Then try it without the tape over the holes and see if the speed is significantly higher or lower before the hood lifts up at the cowl.

But then again, I could be wrong....

Delia Wolfe


Inka (aka "Julius")


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Guest Anonymous

I was thinking since the noses were assembled sepparatly and then welded onto the car that was a perfect place to attach it hoist to have them moving around the plant.


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