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Installed my new 3 core today...

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

DSCF0021 resized.JPG

URL: http://www.02fanatic.com/modules.php?set_albumName=album05&op=modload&name=02gallery&file=index&include=view_album.php

What a HUGE improvement! My car used to get dangerously close to red if I waited in a drive thru lineup for a few minutes. Well, today, after I installed the rad, I took her for a good run, and finished it with a run through McD's drive thru. Guage NEVER got past 4 o'clock. I may have to swap my 71* T stat for an 80* now, just so it isn't running too cold now! BTW, I've got about a pinky finger of clearance between rad and fan. I'm going to change my motor mounts VERY soon, just to be safe. I've already got new ones, just need to put them in.


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Guest Anonymous

Sounds like things are working good for you-

I have about the same clearance that you have (pinky-gap). I have the 75TS installed and probably will go to the 81 later... maybe not.... We'll see how the summer weather does with the engine temps-

The only differences I have (vs you) are I use water wetter and run ~35% AF to water concentration...

That's mainly a carry over from when I had a 2-core and 'needed' to watch it (os to speak)

Good luck-


1973 2002


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