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14th Annual SoCal Vintage BMW Meet 2021! “All couped up”

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Mystery Cam


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While adjusting my valves on my 76, I took a closer look at the cam. Unlike every other BMW cam I've seen, this has no "BMW" marking on it at all. The only marks are the numbers "3158" inbetween #3 & #4. Anyone have any thoughts or an idea on how to figure out what it is? The head is an E12, so I assume it's the stock head. I believe the car was enthusiast owned (PO died 10+ years ago) as it has a Tii dist, weber 32/36, and a nice set of VDO gauges. So who knows what's inside the motor. Any thoughts?



Update: the front has 7474 and then what looks like "FEB" or "FCB" with the F written in a swooping script.

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hmm, that sounds kinda familiar-

I have lots of cams, and very few have BMW cast into them,

so that's not a big indicator.

Look at the base circle- if it's flush with the casting,

or lower than it, then it's probably a regrind.

Those numbers don't ring any bells immediately-

but you could start looking at cam grinders' catalogs.

Isky pops to mind.


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