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Rough idle - need advice

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Greetings all,

I finally got my '76 02 on the road last '02 after working on the suspension. Thanks to all on this board. Need to work a little bit on the engine though.

I've noticed since I started driving the car on the road that the idle is rather rough in terms of the following:

1) The car takes a while to warm up. But once it gets warmed up it idles around 1000-1200 rpm.

2) When I turn it off, it coughs and still runs for a few turns before dying out completely.

3) Noticed also that sometimes on idle the whole car shakes.

4) Tried researching it and found that it may need a valve adjustment(?) How hard is that?

Kindly advise.


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Guest Anonymous

it's not tough at all...i did it...and that is saying a lot...

really all you need is some tools around the house, a coathanger and an extra set of eyes and a .07 (or is it .007?) feeler gauge.

i'd get two tools before starting.

1.the valve adjustment tool (i know bmp sells it, but i think others do to) it's like ~22 bucks or so. if you can't spring for it you can use a metal hanger.

2. i don't know what it's called but there is a tool that'll move the chain from the top of the engine so you can watch the valves/cam instead of having to have someone help.

you also might want to get a new valve cover gasket just in case. other than that i think you'll just need a 10mm socket and wrench.

good luck!


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Guest Anonymous

URL: http://home.earthlink.net/~nharren/index.html

Second, there are a whole lot of things that can make you car run poor. Valve adj., timing, carb settings, plugs, wires, cap & rotor, vacuum leaks. Any or all of these will contribute to a poor running engine. When I got my most resent 2002, it looked great, but the PO had it ALL out of whack, tuning wise. Feel free to e-mail me off line for more detail, good luck!

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Guest Anonymous


URL: http://midamerica02fest.com/

First you will probly need that valve job, especially if you are talking about it. There is a FAQ article on how to adjust your valves.

Next check your distributor (spelling?), I have had problems with timing for a year and have finally have it all sorted out.

Also on the dizzy, check what number is engraved on the side of it. There are alot of various numbers throughout the years.

Next, check timing, replace or check points, replace condinsor, Also how old are your spark plug wires??

One last thing, if your wires are old, check that out. I have noticed that those old Bosch wires, when not replaced, go to shit. I have some of Bavarian Autosports big wires, that helped alot!!

And if you say that the idle is around 1000-1200, that is a pretty high idle for these cars. Drop it down to around 700 RPM. (Weber FAQ article if you don't know which screw that is)

That is what I have learned so far, sorry about the long rant, but this might help!


75 Polaris 2002

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