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will not hold idle when warm

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Its a 32 36 Webber on a 75...just got the car... replaced the diafram(?) and the water choke. It starts and runs good cold but as soon as it starts to get warm it will die out. I can keep it running by manualy holding the choke almost closed, but when it starts to open it dies out.

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Guest Anonymous

I think i know that carb quite well. Is your 75 the reddish one? If so - your exact carb one was on my car a couple of months ago....

If i recall, the carb was crappy on start up, but once warm it was OK. I guess something is off. I am dropping by Dennis's with my 02 sat morning if you want to say HI.

Todays weather in Atlanta (cold, damp, Big change from last week) doesnt help overall. carbs


The carb has both a fast idle speed and a slow idle speed adjustment screw.

If on start up the carb is now good, you have the choke adjustments set well) loosening the three hex head screws and rotating the choke plate, right?), and your fast idle OK (fast idle screw is on the water choke side, just in front of it)

Try tinkering with the Idle speed and mixture;

Idle speed crew is on the "back of the carb", passengers side, to the right of the throttle lever.

With engine warm, turn screw IN to raise idle, out to lower (try setting at about 1,000rpm)

Mixture screw

adjust with engine at or below idle rpm. turn screw IN by quarter turns until idle speed drops. Turn back out until idle speed rises, then drops again.

Turn back in to the middle setting

(apologies for the typing, i am reading from the weber 32 guide here)

Hope this helps, and if your car isnt the one i think it is, forgive me.

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Guest Anonymous


URL: http://www.zeebuck.com/02bc/index.htm

What Johnnie said, but I would add it is best to start by putting the carb to the "baseline" settings - look at this URL for info setting up and on tuning the DGV idle:


Info of use is on pages 2, 3, and 4.

I suggest warming up your car, then doing the idle speed and mixture adjustment procedures. If the engine will not idle at all with something close to the baseline settings, then you may have a plugged primary idle jet. That's accessable from the outside of the carb, on the passenger side. Blow it out with compressed air or carb cleaner - DO NOT use wire to poke it clean - you will damage the orifice.




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