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This SoCal weather makes my car leak


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First off, apologies to anyone with snow outside of their window.

My 02 is my only car. This SoCal rain is really starting to annoy me. Somewhere under the dash on the drivers' side there is a leak. My feet get wet as does the carpet. I can tell that the hood release is soaked, but there are also drips coming from farther towards the firewall. I have the "elephant tubes" but not the hood side seals. The antenna on the A-pillar does appear to be loose and has some side-to-side movement. Could that be where it's coming from? On top of all of this, the windows remain fogged up even when the blower is on full. This makes the 02 very frightening to drive.

Thanks for reading,


BTW there was a debug error whenever I used the word "rain" in the title-this is my 4th time typing this post.

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I had a similar issue... When I pulled my dash I determined that it was the bottom left corner of the windshield gasket. On the outside, water puddles up at the bottom corners of the windshield and seeps in through the gasket some how. I did the lazy mans fix on it. I wiped black windshield caulking on the bottom corners. So far so good. Seems to have done the trick for now. Dont really no what the real solution is.

Good luck.

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Could be clogged drain tubes in the cowl (elephant tubes) or leaky windshield gasket. If you have a sunroof, the drain tubes run through the A pillars. If someone installed the antenna and drilled through the tubes, they will leak.

The fogged up window issue was one of the reasons why I decided to install A/C in my car (besides the hot CA summers). Now, in less than a minute my windows are completely clear. Much safer to drive like that ...


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It's possible part of the problem is a pin-hole leak in the heater core. This will account for the misty windshield. And, you could swing by any shop that installs windshields and they can run some sealant under the gasket that will, in all likelihood, take care of the windshield leak.

One of these procedures is quick and easy, the other more involved.

Bob Napier

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I had the same problem, leaking in the same sopt, and it was in fact my antenna holes. I also had a 'suspect' part of my windshield gasket.

I went to the local Pep Boys and got some windshield gasket goop (i think Permex, or Permatex is the brand?), sealed everything up on a DRY So Cal day, and problem solved.

I used the sealant to add a small bead on both sides of my windshield gasket, and around the antenna mounts.


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