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SOLD: 1972 BMW 2002 tii 82K mile 1-owner original

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Testing the waters on selling dad's '72 tii. 82K mile survivor; 1 respray back in '79 then stored until 2010. Original color white exterior, navy interior.

Car runs smooth (clip of it in the YouTube link below). Receipts for work done below after it sat in storage since 1979. Neat car, but we don't have room to store it any longer.

Asking $11.5K

Video of it, along with some BMW ads from back in the day:


Pics at this link:


Oil/filter changed regularly every 3K & regular maintenance. Receipts for all work done when we pulled it out of storage is below:

  • Fuel injection rebuilt with NOS BMW parts incl injector belt, fuel lines
    New BMW water pump, thermostat, hoses, belts, clamps
    Clutch cylinder & lines, clutch pressure plate/disc, flywheel resurfaced
    Replaced brake lines, shoes/pads, freshened rotors/drums
    Wheel bearings & suspension members checked/greased
    New driveshaft, guibo, muffler, plugs, wires, rotor, cap, condenser
    Rebuilt original trans with fresh 2nd gear, synchros, shifter
    Differential checked, new fluid; CVs & half-shafts checked out
    Valve clearances set, new battery, new 160/70/13 Yokohama tires
    Dealer-installed air-conditioning converted to R134
    Alignment to factory specs



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Thank you to everyone who responded today via phone, e-mail, etc. Wife & I were really surprised at the response and interest in dad's tii. Judging from the response the price / condition ratio must have been really good. Was really nice to talk with so many nice people & share good Bimmer stories.

I need to update the status as now having a deal pending, as I just spoke with a very nice family in New Orleans who is sending a deposit to us. If upon inspection of the car, anything is not as shown in the pictures / video, I'll issue a full refund immediately.

My apologies again for the nice people who called and shared their interest (and 2002 stories) but weren't yet ready to place a deposit. Being a "dance with the one who brought you" Texan, I'm honoring the first deposit as taking this off the market (unless anything is not to depositor's satisfaction upon inspection).

Thank you again & Happy Holidays


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Thank you for the kind words. Our VIN is 2761642. A friend of mine from California told me me the ad went viral (made it to some BringATrailer.com blog/site), which explains the phone calls & e-mails. Consensus is that an orig-owner low-miler would do $14K - $18K if I put a show-grade paint on it, detail out the underside, fix the dash cracks, new weatherstripping, shocks, etc.

A couple of links that were helpful in guessing where to price.



Would be tempting for me to keep & bring to shows/meets as a survivor/driver, but I need to let the next owner make those decisions (whether to keep as-is or do a "driver" resto or a "garage furniture" resto.) The '69 Z/28 you can see in the other folders in that picasaweb account show what happened when I went the show-quality route. The Z is so perfect that it's a nightmare to drive anywhere for fear of rock chips (incl underbody), etc. Not going there again.

Dad would be proud to know we're finding a good home for her & people appreciate what he bought back then.

Thanks again & happy motoring.

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how much is the Z28?

Thanks for the luv on the heirloom. :-) Z/28's going to be our keeper out of dad's estate, unless absolutely silly money swayed us.


Dad is orig owner, special ordered (total lightweight, no spoilers/scoop) same week as Jim Hall (e.g., Chaparral Racing out of Midland TX) placed his order. Has 44K orig miles on chassis (4K since frame-off 2 yr rotisserie resto), has orig matching #s engine/trans in a glass case next to it in garage (Hans Feustel Z/28 look-alike motor spec'ed to deliver ZL-1 HP/TQ on 93 pump gas + TKO600 trans = 11s @ 121+ on street tires). When we did the resto, running the casting numbers confirmed that the car ran off the assembly line exactly two years after I did. Dad initially considered the resto a bit much until Primedia editors saw it at the '04 Power Tour which eventually led to it getting the 2004 COTY. After that, he warmed up to the resto.

Word to the wise - only over-restore what you can afford to keep in your garage long-term. We love the Z, but that level of resto made it total garage furniture, which we have to plan for / find a local museum that's amenable to keeping it for us.

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