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WTB dizzy & oil pressure housingFOUND

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i failed miserably at installing my distributor . i need the unit that bolts to the back of the head(closest to the firewall) and contains the oil pressure sensor and distributor shaft input. mine was cast in 75, dont know if it makes any difference. would like to get this engine running before new years.

email rickhofner@gmail.com

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distributor was a tight fit in the housing. thought i could make a lil more clearance via prying the housing open a LITTLE bit with a screw driver between the pinch bolts ears. took less effort than i thought before the aluminum fractured and leaving me with an oil leak.

the used (new to me) one that i purchased from a faq member was also very tight, i decided to clearance it out with 150 grit and 220 grit aluminum oxide sand paper, cleaned with braklean untill it took less effort to slide in.

like i said haha. it was a fools mistake.

HAPPY pkbinplano?!

ps how was sandwich fair?

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