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Oil Drips


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A while ago, i noticed that my 76' was dripping a few drops after being parked in my garage. I figured that it has to be coming from somewhere, so for the time being i just monitored oil levels to make sure they weren't getting too low. Anyway, I put some cardboard down to try and trace the path of the oil, and located the leak. Areas that seemed to be wet and most likely to drip was one of the gaskets near the exhaust manifold. Is it even possible that its dripping from there? I wasn't aware of oil flowing through there, I though it just carried exhaust from the cylnders to the exhaust.

Any ideas or suggestions? I don't like the thought of dripping oil, and i want to tackle this problem.


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Pretty much ANY spot on the head that has a bolt hole seems to be prone to leaks.

Upper timing cover

Exhaust studs

Valve cover

Dist mounting block

Vent hose

Usually in that order.

Blast the heck out of it with brakekleen, let it dry, drive it for a day, then go looking with dry paper towels, a mirror, and a flashlight.

(Watch the fumes when using the brakekleen.)

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To be more specific about what Roadhog said, several of the upper exhaust manifold threaded stud "holes" (not sure if there is a better term for these) open into the cam area at the top of the head. This area is well supplied with oil. You can see these holes if you remove the cylinder head cover (as BMW calls it).

This is a common problem on 02s and to fix it you need to pull the studs, remove any oil from the stud and hole thoroughly with solvent, and reinstall the studs with a liberal coating of red Loctite or a similar product on the head end. Buy new studs and copper locking bolts- they are cheap. You should remove the cylinder head cover so you can keep oil away from the holes during this procedure.

I did this many years ago on my 02 and have not had a reoccurrence of the leaks.

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