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Prototype CF intake plenum for S14/M2 (Lots of Pics)


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My brother and I have been working with a fabricator to make a OEM carbon fiber intake plenum for the s14. The prototype sample was installed on his M3 a few weeks ago. We are working on a few adjustments to get it correct, mainly getting it 100% airtight with an aluminum ring where the air-horn seats. These are perfect if you want a CF air-box with a stock set-up, no need to go AlphaN or other aftermarket fuel management. Stock box is about 10lbs, prototype 1 is about 5lbs. Prototype 2 will be around 2-2.5lbs.

We should have the 2nd sample in about 2 weeks. If it's to my satisfaction, the final product should be available 2 weeks after. I am trying to have them available for around $450.00. The lowest I have seen a stock CF plenum is $550Euro~$750US+shipping. Those do not have all of the aluminum attachments and require you to silicone the air-horn to the plenum to make it airtight. I want to make these to be able to bolt-on & bolt-off.

Here is the link from s14.net.


Put your name on the list if you are interested. Zero commitment to buy but these will be produce in very limited quantity.












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Hi Ray!!

Happy Holidays!

Looks like you are back in business - the part with accessories you are manufacturing looks great. I leave for Iraq on: 31 DEC 2010. Upon my return I will make getting my 02 back on the road a super high priority. I sold the 330 and am spending the money on the house for items the wife wanted changed. Is that your red 02 or is it your brother's?


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wow ray, Its really taking off 14 so far nice
Cool, Ray. Will it fit with a non- tii booster?

Looks like a good product with a great price.

That is really cool, glad someone did it with affordability in mind.

I'm pricing it at what I would buy it for. I'm very excited about this airbox if we can get it to work 100%. I have few projects in the pipeline that I'm working on. Most of the CF stuff will be for e30s and newer but I have a few goodies for us 02 guys too. : )

stock shaped plenums ONLY fit a non-tii booster. it is not really the booster shape that dictates this, it is that the tii booster pushes the M/C forward into the intake elbow.

would be nice if someone made a stock shaped plenum that moved the air intake opening forward and up to clear the M/c on a tii booster...

How much room are we talking about? inches or mm?


Not trashy.

I kinda like trashy.....

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