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Top Motor Mounts


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Well, there is the TEP strut brace with the mount. I don't like that design much partly because it mounts to the 6mm valve cover bolts.


I have a made a short bar that mounts under the rearmost head bolt on exhaust side. I couldn't find a picture but there's just a mount made of angle iron under the head bolt and a bar with uniball at the other end and rubber bushing at the other. It goes straight to a mount bolted to fender.


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TEP included it with their front strut stress bar which -

in my case was fabricated very badly, welded wrong,

didn't come close to aligning with it's mounting points -

so it was unusable.

Mounted as Tommy said to the cam cover studs and

angled over to the passenger side end of the stress bar.

The idea is excellent for stabalizing the motor which even

during 'normal' driving shakes violently - wants to tear

away from the motor mounts during 'sport' driving.

Every o2 should have one - really. Fab yer own.

this from RACETEP catalog-=>



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you can buy just the engine torque brace alone for $80+ from TEP. (he'll try & talk you into the "package".) Although the strut brace is difficult to install like cd says, the torque brace was much easier. It has a big rubber bushing between the bracket that attaches to the valve cover and the bar that comes down from the strut top. I couldn't make it if I wanted. Well worth it if you ask me. It keeps the motor from moving when you punch the gas pedal.

You can see where the bracket attaches to the valve cover here.


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Kermit upton built a slicker version for an M2 that he built for Coop, who used to post on the board pretty regularly. I think he incorporated a hydraulic motor mount.

To expound on this idea. The E21 used a dampener to lower the critical frequency of the shake and is is mounted on the driver's side motor mount. This dampener may be a piece that could be used in a fashion on the 02.

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I had one installed on my car (yes to the valve cover - TEP), way too much vibration transmitted to the strut tower, so it went into the garbage. To this date, I have not figured out why I even bought such a thing! Maybe I read a post here.... ooops did I say that? just joking guys!

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