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New on here, just wanted to say Hi!


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...And show you my...er...I mean my buddy's car.

1976 2002 (well, obviously)

She needs some massaging due to rust, but it fired and ran after 2 years of sitting. Came with full service records, 2 Weber 32/36 carbs, Bavarian Autosports Header/exhaust, and a whole mess of other parts.

Now we're not BMW guys. I come from a background in MkII Volkswagens and my buddy is a Jeep guy, but we've got a big soft spot for these cars. We will be doing a mild restore, removing rust, suspension work, different wheels, etc.


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Hi - Welcome To The Club!

that must be the ARMY camo color code 0YX ?

very "IN" during our nation's time of war

DO NOT leave it parked on dirt/grass=

it will not be there in the spring-

well the rubber willbe - but the metal

will not.

need photos - and yer to-do-list so we can dig

into this fresh meat - before it expires

who knows - you guys may be capible of turning

that orphan into this in just a few months. only takes


Welcome again.

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