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Hi Harry--

I just wanted to let you know that I did install the brakes I bought from you about 6 months ago, and they work fine. But I will advise anyone else who buys your brakes to consider the gray color; if you want any other color it is easiest to paint them BEFORE you install them.

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Thanks, you should get many years of service from these upgraded door brakes. One word of caution on repainting them, don't contaminate the door brake movement lube with fresh spray paint !. If you want to match the color to your car I would only paint the door brake arm, which is the only part that shows after install, making sure to mask of the rest of the brake. Painting the door brake body would require taking it apart, decreasing it of the lube, repainting, putting it back toghter and then relubing To do this correctly requires a jig to mount the door brake on so you can move it through all it's stop points making sure all the wear points get greased.

Happy Holidays To All


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