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m42 swap...automatic, cruise, ac in a 2002...


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Another m42 swap into a 2002 is underway... This one is on Andy's wife's 02.... I haven't taken many pictures along the way but here are a few. This car will have cruise and AC as well as the automatic m42 and all the other goodies it has....heated seats, XM radio.....

It also is getting volvo big brakes and 15" rotas....







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cruise is a rosta universal setup from summit racing... It uses a sensor on the drive shaft.

Andy the Downing Atlanta will fit.....with some slight mods to either the brake booster or to the piping up to the throttle body. There is a guy (on this board) using a set of my mounts that has a downing atlanta SC setup mounted and running....maybe he will chime in.

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The e36 auto drive shaft fits and bolts to both the trans and diff without any modification. This is with the use of my mounts....same for an auto or 5 speed. You have you slide the shaft at the center slip joint to make it maybe an inch longer but there is still plenty of contact in the splines.

You then also have to relocate where the center bearing mounts up....

This is what I did on another car of andys...golf with a 5 speed.


Andy can explain how smooth the setup is in his golf car.....

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jake, first of all...yours is one of the best m42 swaps i have seen! love the detail in the console especially! one question...is the angle iron relocation of the center bearing sturdy enough? no wobble...right? did you add more fastening at the rear of the angle iron to the tunnel? or..is it just what we see in the photo? i have toyed with this idea for my m2 to use the m3 drive shaft (which i much would prefer), but wasn't sure if it would be strong enough. one laast thing...i know you guys dont get to hot up there in summer.... (like we do here in south fla.) ...any problems with overheating? with the a/c on, that is.?? anyhow....

again! great job, man! and a big plus with that m42.....they're bulletproof!!

keep sending more photos!!! thanks again...

mark in miami


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