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14th Annual SoCal Vintage BMW Meet 2021! “All couped up”

Registration is still open. Rally from NorCal is scheduled for Friday. Post your event photos.

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1976 BMW 2002 Parts for Sale - Various Part 3

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Some more parts I have available that I don't need on my 2002. Need funding for next phase, installing 540i 6 speed.

All prices are negotiable & exclude shipping cost. I prefer to bundle as many things as possible. I also have a number of smaller items not listed. E-mail requests.

Continued… Part 3

17) Trunk Lock $25.00

18) Ignition Switch, including key $50.00

19) Front Brake assembles (each) $35.00

20 ) Rear Brake assembles (each) $25.00

21) 4 speed transmission (needs a rebuild but working) $40.00 (pickup only)

22) Rear bumper $20.00

23) Front Bumper $20.00

24) Rear Side vent windows (each) $20.00

25) Wiper arms (set) good threads $30.00

26) Exhaust heat shield $15.00

27) Drive shaft ( Manual Tran ’76) $30.00

28) Stock Open differential (no noise) $45.00

29) Steering Column cover /pad (2 piece) $20.00

30) Rear tan interior panels (pair) $40.00

31) Start motor –complete (solenoid post loose, cranks great) $25.00

32) Standard exhaust manifold (smog style with $40.00


33) Weber carburetor 32/36 $45.00

34) Inlet manifold $40.00

Let me know if you're looking for something I don't have on the list; send me an e-mail on the address below.









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Guest Anonymous

I need a complete dashboard, do you happen to have one? If not do you where I could possibly find one? and a chrome front grill


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Guest Anonymous


Please do send me pic of both of them, I need the 3 parts for the grill. Please email me at a.serhal@gmail.com

Thank a lot


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Guest Anonymous

Another thing i forgot to ask about, do you happen to have the set of chrome belt line ? please send me the prices of the parts I asked about

Thank you


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