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water in cyl... warped head? bad intake manifold?


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i am pretty stuck diagnosing a problem i am having with my '76 2002... it overheated and i thought blew a head gasket, it was leaking oil and cylinders were filling with water when turning over. i replaced the head gasket and the problem with water persisted. anyone ever encounter this or have a piece of knowledge i dont about what this might be? i am figuring at this point it is either the head being warped or having internal water passage damage, or the intake having damaged water passages....?

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1. head is warped (as has been pointed out). 2002 heads can be planed, but only a few thousands or you'll have valve to piston clearance problems.

2. water passage has eroded into a combustion chamber...with the head off, carefully examine the water passages that are directly over the exhaust port. When a hot engine is shut down, you'll get localized boiling at that point due to the high temp of the exhaust gases. This boiling will gradually erode the head until that water passage enlarges to meet the edge of the combustion chamber. Then you have inadvertent water injection. A good machine shop can weld the head up and recontour the water passage back to stock.

3. head is cracked and the crack extends into a water passage.

Let us know whatcha find.


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