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Reacror Resale?


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I'll be pulling the last of the smog equipment of my 75' this weekend, the exhaust reactor. Do folks still have a need for these things or is it better off in the recycle bin?

Knowing what ever value it might have is going to make a big difference in how much care I take removing this wonderful piece of technology



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If you live in California you have to smog a 1976 and later. Can you apply 1975 2002 smog equipment to a 1976 2002 maybe, i think some of the stuff is the same. c.d. would know the answer to that. i think most people in Cali just pay the $200 ransom and be done with the smog check for 2 more years.

All of the '75 smog stuff is the same as a 50 state '76 2002. Only some the 49 state (Federal) '76 parts are different. I live, work and tune '02s for Cali smog..... as well as work on all forms of BMWs from 1800's to 550i's. I've "restored" many '76s to smog worthiness. Some of the '75-6 2002 smog parts can be used on '77-79 320i's and vice-versa. I also believe that California is not the only state that requires that all the original emissions equipment be on the car and in working order.

The thermal reactors are still worth something so post all the stuff you have left in the parts for sale section... if they don't sell there then it's eBay time.


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Guest Anonymous

Had to replace mine and I found a used one for about $225 in Hayward, CA. Cleaned it and found stress cracks in the heat shield and one of the air injection jets. Hard soldered the cracks with a brazine torch. Has been in more than 5 yeas and its still perfect. Moral is that even a used reactor with cracks has value in CA!, especially if you own a '76!

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