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118 head on 2.0 block


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Picked up a parts car in IL couple of weeks ago. In it was a rebuilt engine. It has a 2.0 block, confirmed by the VIN on the block and a 118 head. PO says that the motor was rebuilt, which looks correct when I opened up the valve cover. He mentioned that he thought it had a 284 regrind in it as well, which would make sense as it has Weber 40 DCOE's.

I was thinking of dropping this in my 69 02 and giving it a shot. I just can't seem to find out if this combination of the head and block will actually work well.

Should I give it a shot?

Also, when a cam is reground, do they typically mark it somewhere to tell what it actually is?

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it would work but i think that cylinder head had holes bored into it for the injector ports

Dude, you're thinking he has a 1.8I head..... he has an 1800/1600 head 118....

Yes, if the block has 121 style pistons in it the 118 heads fit and work OK, but the air flow is less than the 121 as the ports are smaller (less ultimate power potential).

Most regrind cams I have seen usually has some markings on the front flange under where the cam gear bolts on to. Most also require valve lash caps or oversize adjustment eccentrics in the rocker arms because the base circle has been changed.


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